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Wardale Marine's new website

Philip Wardale is a high energy consultant running a successful business that is the driving force behind a range of waterfront projects nation wide.

I have worked with him and for him for seven years and was delighted to create his new website.

It involved:

* Clear positioning - defining WARDALE's x-factor

* Succinctly capturing what this consultancy can deliver - which is, in essence, making things happen

* This replaced a dated website and was an opportunity to put WARDALE's best put forward and to make use of stunning photography from various projects

* The proof is in the delivery for Phil and this was also an opportunity to create a hub of content that could be shared through his social media channels

* To once again prove that by working with a talented graphic designer (Viivi Ronko at Subzero Graphics in this case), a high quality communications tool can be created using cost effective technology (and spare the big fees)

You can explore the site at

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