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Passionate about Communications

Writing is my trade and I am a highly experienced and effective writer, communicator and project manager.

  • Communicator and marketer with a passion for storytelling

  • Been self-employed in my own business since the year 2000 

  • Helped hundreds of businesses and organisations 

  • Work seamlessly with graphic artists, designers and web developers 

  • Strategic and experienced

  • Expert at creating content whether that be stories, images, illustrations or videos

  • Also a proven leader in business, sport and in the community

Zoe Hawins


  • Strategic communications planning 

  • Writing content for digital and print 

  • Media releases and public relations

  • Project management of digital and print tools (ie websites, signage) 

  • Project management of communications specialists, including designers, video, printers 

  • Facilitation of group discussions to reach consensus and develop creative approaches

  • Event management and promotion 

Broad specialisations

  • Marine and marina industry

  • Councils and council organisations 

  • Multi stakeholder and committee-driven projects

  • Environmental issues, specifically water quality 

  • Communications for education, property, hospitality 

  • Starting new projects and making things happen

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