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A journey - backyard by backyard

South Titirangi Neighbourhood Network (STNN) is a network of local neighbours working together to help create a pest and weed free South Titirangi Peninsula.

It's a big, ambitious project and they have done remarkably well over the years.

In late 2019 the Waitakere Ranges Local Board offered to fund the development of some communications tools that would help them to get greater engagement from more local residents.

I was given a folder full of historical information and asked to create some materials for STNN.

We had a chat about the various options and decided to create a series of around ten single page PDFs that could be used in multiple ways.

I can tell you I put my heart and soul into this project and STNN now has:

  • A website page loaded with these documents

  • An agreement with a local magazine to run one page each month for several months - for this purpose these have been tailored to work as editorial

  • At the same time as the magazine is published, the posts will be pushed through social media in a strategic and planned way

  • While digital is preferred for cost and sustainability reasons, the PDFS can also be printed and used in a range of ways

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