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Getting an industry onboard

The New Zealand Marina Operators Association (NZMOA) is a long term client. On their behalf I organise and market the New Zealand Marina of the Year Awards, and take care of most of the communications prepared by the association.

The association has professionalised significantly and it became apparent that there was an opportunity to involve industry suppliers as sponsors of, and partners to, NZMOA activities.

Therefore I worked with NZMOA to develop a marketing partnership structure, very similar to a traditional event sponsorship model, but enabling participating businesses to enjoy year long marketing benefit through events and NZMOA's digital channels - which I look after.

It was well received - the gold category sold out almost immediately and silver is nearly full. NZMOA is implementing a new yet to be announced initiative with some of the additional financial support, and the involvement of these companies in NZMOA communications brings new life and energy to the table.

Here is a copy of the newsletter that went out just yesterday. Continuing to bring it to life this year will be fun!

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