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 Auckland, New Zealand 


I am a highly experienced business writer and communications strategist. 


My skill lies in turning complex topics into simple and convincing messages.
I bring clear thinking, experience and freshness to my projects. I work across print and digital mediums. 


My business turned 20 years old in 2020 – and for you that means more than two decades of experience and knowledge that will benefit your communications projects.


my approach

Creating great communications begins with listening. I invest time listening to what you have to say because genuinely strategic communications will take into account the things you are trying to achieve (your goals and objectives), anything you are worried about (the risks, the concerns), and your audience (your stakeholders, your customers, your staff). 


I will work with you to create a communications strategy. This means considering the best channels to reach your audience - whether that be online stories, newsletters, media, social media, video, a new website, an upgraded website, posters, brochures or signage. Often, it's a combination of several of these. 

I will then tell the story that needs to be told. Sometimes this story is short and simple and sometimes it has
many chapters.

Then, I will work with specialists - either people you know or those I introduce to the project - whether photographers, illustrators, a graphic designer, a video specialist - to create and deliver your communications tools. I am creative but also known as a very safe pair of hands when it comes to project management and delivery.

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